July 18th, 2004-Redland, TX.
11th Annual Battle of Neches Memorial"
The American Indian Genocide
Museum's Display at the 11th
Annual Battle of the Neches
Memorial Ceremony.
"At some point in history, America
has to call things like what happend
here-they have to call it
extermination, which it was. Any
memorial that is erected here should
not be called 'The Battle of Neches'.
We should honor the dead with the
truth and call it what it was-genocide
in the Americas," Steve Melendez,
President of the American Indian
Genocide Museum, explained at the
Battle of the Neches Memorial
Seven months before the battle, the President of the Republic, Mirabeau Lamar said in his first
message to the Texas Congress, "...an exterminating war upon their warriors, which will admit of no
compromise and have no termination except in their total extinction or total expulsion."
Every year, the Battle of the Neches Memorial Ceremony is held in Redland, Texas in order to
honor the 800 men, women, and children who were massacred here on July 16th, 1839.
For more information on this event, please visit: The Tyler Courier-Times-Telegraph's
Article, " Event Honors Neches Dead".
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