The Acts and Resolves of the Province of Massachusetts Bay  Vol. I  1692-1714  Pg.

Fifty pounds reward for an Indian scalp.
(Sec.1.) That there shall be paid out of the publick  treasury of this province unto any party or
parties that shall voluntarily go forth at their own charge, by commission as aforesaid, in the
discovery and pursuit of the said Indian enemy and rebels, for every man or woman of the said
enemy that shall be by them slain, the sum of fifty pounds; and for every child of the said
enemy under the age of ten years that shall be by them slain, the sum of ten pounds; and that
such party or parties shall also have and keep unto their own use all plunder and prisoners by
them taken of the enemy;  and that there shall be likewise paid out of the publick treasury for
every man or woman of the said enemy that shall be slain in the defence of any house or
garrison attacked or otherwise, the sum of five pounds; all which aforesaid payments shall be
made by order of the goverour and council, upon producing before them the scalp of any
Indian slain as aforesaid,  and upon oath made of the time,  place and other circumstances
relating thereto , and that it is the scalp of the Indian that was then so slain.  And in case any
person or persons shall be wounded in the aforesaid service, he or they shall be cured at the
charge of the publick;  and if maimed or otherwise disabled shall have such stipend or pension
allowed unto him or them as the general court or assembly shall think meet.  And the reward
herein before granted shall be equally shared and distributed to and among all the persons of
any party or parties that shall be in company at the killing any Indian as aforesaid, only the
captain to have two shares and the lieutenant one share and halfe thereof;  and the plunder and
prisoners that shall be taken to be distributed in like shares and proportion, unless where any
party or parties shall otherwise agree among themselves.