Volume 1 The Messages and Papers of the Presidents  Page 53
George Washington’s Message to the Senate  September 17, 1789

“…The treaties with certain Indian nations, which were laid before you with my message
of the 25th May last,  suggested two questions to my mind,  viz:  First,  whether those
treaties were to be considered as perfected and consequently as obligatory without being
ratified.  If not, then secondly, whether both or either, and which, of them ought to be
ratified.  On these questions I request your opinion and advice.”
Volume 9 Messages and Papers of the  Presidents  Page 4306  President
Ulysses S. Grant’s 7th Annual Message To the Senate and House of
Representatives, December 7, 1875 :

“…The Discovery of gold in the Black Hills, a portion of the Sioux Reservation, has had
the effect to induce a large immigration of miners to that point.  Thus far the effort to
protect the treaty rights of the Indians to that section has been successful,  but the next
year will certainly witness a large increase of such immigration.  The negotiations for the
relinquishment of the gold fields having failed, it will be necessary for Congress to adopt
some measures to relieve the embarrassment growing out of the causes named.  The
Secretary of the Interior suggests that the supplies now appropriated for the sustenance
of that people,  Being no longer obligatory under the treaty of 1868, but simply a gratuity,
may be issued or withheld at his discretion.”