The American Indian Genocide  Museum has a vision to defeat
prejudice and discrimination through education.  In the beginning of
American History a religious leader who claimed to speak for God
gave all the lands west of the Azores and Cape Verde  Islands to the
King of Spain, if it wasn’t already in the possession of some other
Catholic King.   This decree issued by Pope Alexander Vl, effective
from Christmas Day 1492 , is on display at  the General Archive of
the Indies in Seville, Spain.

The bigotry and intolerance this decree created for Native Americans
was realized when upon seeing the Tarawa Indians of the Bahamas,
Columbus wrote, “They would make fine servants. With fifty men we
could subjugate them and make them do whatever we want”.
The problem with dehumanizing people in order to take their land is,
that the next step is to take their lives also. Genocide in the Americas
is not an easy subject to address- not for any American.